AB Fits

Born in San Francisco’s Chinatown, a stone’s throw away from Levis Strauss’ first store, Howard Gee has sold people from all over the planet the best pair of jeans they have ever owned. For the past 25 years, AB Fits has been responsible for launching a host of heavies in the denim industry and Shockoe is very proud to be included in the store’s stacks.

AB Fits stands apart from many stores in that customers are never left to try on jeans alone, but are included in a hands-on selection process. Howard and his staff expertly pull from a host of fits, fabrics and finishes to find his guest the perfect pair and educate them on what they are wearing. Howard was a pioneer of selling selvaged denim and not only from the USA, but Italy, France and Japan.

The shop not only stocks blue jeans, but has an eclectic mix of collections and accessories to complete a full outfit. All are cherry-picked or especially made to Howard’s specifications from purveyors of quality. Never too fashiony, nor too safe - all the pieces are able to complement the personalities of AB Fits customers and be keepsakes in their closets.

We're particularly proud to be part of the AB Fits story because in a lot of ways, AB Fits is where Shockoe Denim was born.  Anthony, our designer and founder, first learned the ins and outs of denim among the racks and shelves at AB Fits when he was studying at The Academy of Art Institute in San Francisco.  And Howard gave John Webb, our Sales Director, his start in the denim business at AB Fits as well.

A true San Francisco institution, we recommend all to stop by AB Fits when in San Francisco, or check them out online at www.abfits.com.