Shockoe Atelier’s workshop sits in a valley called Shockoe Bottom, near the James River in downtown Richmond, Virginia.

The word “Shockoe” is likely a corruption of the Algonquian word shacquohocan, meaning “the stone people.” The earliest reference dates to 1637 – Shaccoe Creek, which once flowed throughthis valley into the river. Two centuries later, the Bottom would become the epicenter of Virginia’s tobacco and slave trading industries. While our tobacco leaf logo is a reference to our neighborhood’s troubled past, our mission of ethically manufactured apparel – made by immigrants in the U.S.A. – is what we believe is a critical part of our country’s future.

Made By Immigrants In The U.S.A.


When we say that our products are “Made By Immigrants In The U.S.A.” it is also our way of saying made by Americans, as it is our belief that we are all immigrants here of one kind or another.

Shockoe Atelier is a funny collection of French, Korean, Mexican, Guatemalan, Scottish, German, English and so on – brought together by fate or circumstance – with the gumption to endeavor to make a line of classic American apparel in an old cinderblock box of a building at the doorstep of the American South. 

All of our jeans are handmade here in our Shockoe Bottom workshop.

We offer a free lifetime repairs guarantee on all of our clothing for rips, tears, and blowouts. Please stop by and see us sometime at 13 South 15th Street, Richmond, Virginia.