Our jeans are built to last, even with hard wear.  That said, it’s not unusual for a pair of jeans to require repair from time to time.  We stand behind our jeans and offer free repairs for the life of the jean.  Just send them back to us with our repair form filled out and we’ll give them the repair work they deserve.  Address and form are below.

IMPORTANT: Please machine wash your jeans with detergent before sending them in, the ladies will not work on jeans unless they are freshly washed and unworn (guide below).

ATTN: Repairs

1623 West Broad Street

Richmond, VA 23220



While we always recommend hand washing, if you trust the temperature control of your washing machine, a machine wash is works too.


  1. Set your machine temperature to Cold.
  2. Set your machine cycle to Gentle or Delicate
  3. Add a small amount of gentle detergent (we recommend Woolite black).
  4. Turn your jeans inside out.
  5. Place them in your washing machine (alone if it’s your first time washing them).
  6. Hang to dry.