We’re not big on words around here, but sometimes you need the words to guide action.  Here are our words. 

No Shortcuts.
Our fathers taught us there are no shortcuts in life.  What initially looks like a shortcut is actually a road to a different destination altogether.

Exceptional Quality in Every Piece.
If it’s not exceptional, we won’t sell it.  We don’t believe in “good enough,” and we don’t do seconds or irregulars

Always Improve.
We see ourselves as students of the craft, not masters of it.  We don’t look for ways to make our jeans cheaper.  We do strive tirelessly to make our jeans better.

Everything You Do, Do It With Heart.
And if you can’t do it with heart, don’t do it. 

Great Wages for Great Work.
We expect a lot from our team.  We pay them well, and they earn every cent. 

Customers, Employees, Community, Shareholders – In that order.
Every business has to make tough choices sometimes.  This is how we make ours.