We take our name from our neighborhood in Richmond, VA – Shockoe Bottom.  It’s a neighborhood with a long and complicated history, full of heroes and scoundrels.  Patrick Henry’s “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” speech was delivered just up the hill from Shockoe Bottom.  And then fifty years later, Shockoe Bottom would become the second largest slave-trading center in the country, and the birthplace of slave rebellions.  In the late 1800s, it became home to the country’s largest tobacco companies.  

Today, Shockoe Bottom is the beating heart of Richmond’s arts and design renaissance, something we’re proud to be a part of.  It makes sense, this notion that things bold, new, and beautiful emerge from the broken.  We embrace the history of this place, and the new chapters that are being written today.  These streets remind us constantly of who we are and where we’re from, and then propel us forward into tomorrow.