In jeans, it’s easy to get to 90%.  But that last 10% comes only through time and sweat.  Some people don’t care about the last 10%.  We’re fanatical about it.  

Here’s what you’ll find in our jeans that set them apart.

Volume:  Our jeans are handmade.  Among other things, that means they don’t go through folders in the production process.  Folders make life a lot easier, but they flatten a garment and stress the fabric and seams.  Our jeans have volume, life, and durability that only come with handmade.  You’ll know it when you see it.

The Right Stitch for the Right Seam:  Lots of people swear by chain-stitching throughout a jean, because that’s the way they did it back in the day.  The problem with chain-stitching is that when one stitch comes undone, the whole seam unravels.  That’s why we use a lock-stitch in our jeans.  It makes for iron-clad seams.  We do use chain-stitching where it matters – in the hem – because that’s what creates that beautiful roping effect on the bottoms of your leg openings.  Durability and beauty.

Snag-Proof Inseams:  “Serging” is the process of overcasting a cut edge of fabric to prevent raveling.  The inseams of most jeans are finished this way.  Most jeans feature low-density serging that leaves individual threads exposed and prone to snags.  And snags can lead to blowouts.  We finish our inseams with high-density serging, at 5x the stitch count of normal jeans.  No snags, for a stronger (and more beautiful) seam.

Hardware That Stays Put:  A rivet is secured to the jean with a nail.  The rivets you find on most jeans are secured with a single-pronged nail, which can pop or slip out of the rivet with time and wear.  We use a double-pronged nail whose tips fold over each other, hugging the rivet in place permanently.

Two-Piece Waistband:  The waistband is one of the highest stress points on a jean.  That’s why ours is made of two pieces instead of one.  This makes the waistband feel more substantial as you button up your jeans.  It also makes the waistband much more likely to stand up under all that stress.

High Stitch Count:  On every seam, inch for inch we’re using more stitches than most.  This makes our seams stronger, and the look of the jean is cleaner and more sleek.  

Our Jeans are built to last, even with hard wear. That said, it’s not unusual for a pair of jeans to require repairs from time to time. We stand behind our jeans and offer free repairs for the life of the jean. Send us your washed jeans to the address below and we’ll give them the repair work they deserve. Make sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address so we can reach out with any questions.

Shockoe Denim
Attn: Repairs
13A South 15th Street
Richmond, VA 23219